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7 best YouTube Channels to follow for GATE preparation
Information, Tips, YouTube
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the most competitive exams for engineering graduates.
GATE is conducted for admission to postgra...Read More
Six healthy foods for the rainy season
Health, Tips
Although the monsoon season is sure to offer some much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat, it could still be a tricky time for your health.
This ...Read More
Your Whatsapp Images and Videos Can Be Hacked To Gain Control Over Your Phone - How To Avoid This
Social, Tips, WhatsApp
WhatsApp and Telegram have become the two most popular instant online messaging these days. With their easy to share photos, documents, contacts and location, alon...Read More
8 foods you should never feed your dog
Animal, Health, Tips
We get it if you want to share all your delicacies with your dog, after all who can say no to that cute little creature? But know that it's not always a wise t...Read More
Tinder - Zomato - Tide - Reebok Are Using Whatsapp Stickers For Advertising Push - Will This Work
Tips, WhatsApp
A business without marketing is like a fish without water; it won’t last much longer. To ensure prosperity, businesses are coming up with innovative techniqu...Read More
7 browsers that would make you more productive
Browsers, Tips
Despite hundreds of internet browsers being out there, most users generally stick to favorites like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.
Pref...Read More
WhatsApp 5 upcoming features that will make the app more interesting
Information, Tips, WhatsApp
WhatsApp is adding new features and improving the existing ones to make the app more interesting and convenient.
WhatsApp is the most popular instant messa...Read More
Amazon Prime Day Sale starts - 12 tips to get the best deals and discounts
Amazon, Information, Offer, Tips
It’s that time of the year when Amazon opens its doors to deals, discounts and offers for its Prime members. Starting tomorrow – for the next 48 hours ...Read More
Want to read (deleted) WhatsApp messages - Try these tricks
Information, Tips, WhatsApp
WhatsApp, the world's biggest messaging platform, has long been offering the ability to 'unsend' messages.
The feature comes handy in correctin...Read More
How to Automatically Close Safari Tabs on Your iPhone
iPhone, Technology, Tips
I probably use my phone to search for at least a dozen things on the web every day, often more. For each search or visit to a favorite website, I instinctively ope...Read More
Dropped your phone in water (10 things you should never do)
Help, Information, Smartphone, Technology, Tips
With the onset of monsoon in the country, the risk of damaging your smartphone in rains increases significantly. Also, if you happen to accidentally drop your smar...Read More
Here how you can invest in Mutual Funds using WhatsApp
Information, Tips, WhatsApp
With the introduction of initiatives like Aadhaar validation, common KYC, and online payments, investment processes have surely become more convenient.
But...Read More
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